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Our Services

MMJBS advisory consulting services focus on giving our clients hands-on assistance to identify opportunities for business expansion, improvement, and navigation through the cannabis industry. We offer custom approaches to our consulting services because every one of our projects is different. We recognize that each cannabis entrepreneur has a specific goal in mind that they need to reach. Our advice enables clients to achieve these goals in the constantly evolving cannabis industry.

Commercial Business Listing

Let MMJBS help you list your business on our website that receives hundreds of views from cannabis industry entrepreneurs every day. 

Location Advisory &
Site Selection

We provide site selection strategies for cultivation, processing, and retail facilities that are based on objective advice, with the sole purpose of maximizing our clients’ objectives. 

Government Advisory

We help governments understand what drives cannabis tax revenue and how to properly regulate their cannabis market. 

Cannabis Advisory

Here at MMJBS we assist cannabis entrepreneurs identify key elements of their business model that will help their business expand, organize, and reach their goals to be successful in the cannabis indusrty.

Industry Education

With 10+ years of experience in the industry, MMJBS can provide you the information and advisement needed to enter the cannabis market.

We work with owners and management to carefully arrange and negotiate financing solutions that will enable the company to grow more efficiently and continue to grow.

Lets Work Together

Contact Us

Please dont hesitate to contact MMJBS. We would love to help our fellow cannabis entrepreneurs navigate the industry successfully!

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