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This opportunity is for a medical grow space located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The layout includes 16,900 sqft with 8,500 sqft of canopy. It's currently supplied with 2,800 amp 3 phase power, 175 tons of AC, and employed by 9 individuals to run the OPC. Please contact us

MMJ Business Solutions.


Overview of the Grow
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Allowable plant count: 6000


Average number of plants: 4000

*If you have a rec license you can transfer the medical grow product to recreational.


1/1/21 – 11/11-21

Total Biomass: 3365 lbs.

Bud: 1451 lbs.

Bud allocated for extraction: 751 lbs.

Shake/trim (by strain): 65 lbs.

Shake/trim for extraction: 1098 lbs.

Estimated Total 2022

Total Biomass: 3911 lbs.

Bud: 1686 lbs.

Bud allocated for extraction: 873 lbs.

Shake/trim (by strain): 75 lbs.

Shake/trim for extraction: 1276 lbs. Layout:


16,900 sq. ft. total space.


8,500 sq. ft of actual canopy.


1 mother room

2 veg rooms

9 flower rooms

2 dry rooms

1 cure room

1 packaging room

1 machine trim room,

1 harvest room

Electrical | Lighting | Hvac

2,800 Amps of service for the entire building. Ability to expand

The lighting system upgraded with Duel ended 1000 watt HPS and 315 LEC. 321,000 watts of flowering lights. 80,460 watts of vegetative lights.

175 tons of rooftop cooling


9 grow employees for OPC

Other Assets

Rolling tables and benches in all but two flower rooms. Large 6000 lb. liquid bulk CO2 system wired throughout grow that is fully certified by Colorado Springs Fire Department. 1 Filtered on demand water heater for plants. 1 filtered 50-gallon water heater for plants. 3 computers, 1 Refrigerators, 1 Freezer, 1 printer/ scanner, dozens of fans, 80+ security camera system, equipped with motion sensors, glass break alarms, panic buttons, remote viewing and entry.


Property is leased, monthly rate is $16,455 per month. Lease expires 11/1/2023.

Cannabis friendly landlord willing to renew with new tenant.


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