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The opportunity is a 49% stake in the Cookies Commerce City location only.  In this overview you will find details about the store, location, and operation. For further details or to convey your interest please contact MMJ Business Solutions.


Buy-In Price $1.5M
5385 Quebec St, Commerce City, CO 80022

The Cookies Commerce City, CO location opened in June 2021 and has kept a line out of its doors since its commencement. With reviews praising the quality of the customer service and cannabis sections, this branch has had continued success in their growth and revenue. With an online store and a great location to facilitate sales, this opportunity can create a lot of potential for growth in the future.

The listing price of $1.5MM is for a 49% stake in the Cookies Commerce City store. The Cookies name within its self is well know in the industry. Known for its quality in-house strains and its unique customer experience, the Cookies franchise has created a nation wide community and has the most brand recognition in cannabis.


Commerce City is that fastest growing city in Colorado

Median Household income

$87,354.00 (2021)

North of Downtown Denver

9 miles | 18 min.

West of Airport

16 miles | 21 min.

The Dispensary sits on a busy street with over 60,000 cars per day that pass by. In addition to the traffic, the truck stop and gas station just down the street gives the dispensary a steady stream of out of state customers.

The partnership that owns Cookies Commerce City has multiple years of experience in the cannabis industry and the consistent numbers prove that the dispensary's growth has been steady and dependable.

Unlike most industries, entry into the Colorado legal cannabis business can be extremely complicated, expensive and challenging. This is especially true for those that don’t have years of experience working with in the complexities of this highly regulated and federally illegal industry. Fortunately, Cookies Commerce City dispensary has already navigated all these complexities and challenges for you and has become a successful recreational cannabis enterprise.


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