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Dispensary | Grow | Real Estate - DENVER, COLORADO

Dispensary | Grow | Real Estate is included for Sale $1.75MM

Park Hill Dispensary

Dispensary & Grow This opportunity for sale is ideal for a small company to grow. It is both medical and recreational and has a grow in the same building. The real estate is priced under market and adds instant value to your company's balance sheet. With sales over $1.3MM this opportunity is priced to move. Dispensary | Grow | Real Estate $1.75MM

This Dispensary and Grow is Self Contained

Dispensary This Dispensary is both medical and recreational and is one of the original dispensaries in Denver and is priced to sell!! Grow The grow is in the same building as the real estate. Equipped with docatron system and sliding grow tables. This state of the art grow will improve your bottom line. Real Estate Own the real estate and gain instant value to your balance sheet.

Financing available for this opportunity.

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