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Listing Services for Cannabis Businesses

Acquisition & Sale

Listing Your Business

Selling a cannabis business can be complex. Our Cannabis Division is tailored to enhance services for cannabis-related businesses, ensuring comprehensive support for a successful sale. Our streamlined client intake process gives you a competitive edge in the market.

We charge a commission based on 7% of the sales price. This commission is due upon the closing as dicated by the Local Muncipality and the State Reglitory Agencies. There is an on board charge of $3,500 which covers the marketing of the business and is deducted from the commission at closing.  Contact us for more information.


If you need help with processing your file we can connect you with local processing services that can process your deal from start to finish. Using these services can save you money and time. Give us a call today and we can help you get started.  Call Us Today!

Buyer Assistance

Consider a sale leaseback. This is a financing option where you sell your real estate to an investor and then lease it back from them. This can provide you with the capital you need to expand your business, without having to take on debt.

Cannabis Financing

At our firm, we specialize in fulfilling buyer requests by diligently searching for tailored business deals that align with their needs. Our success rate in this endeavor is commendable. We meticulously scour the market to identify their ideal business opportunities. For this valuable service, we charge a retainer fee of $10,000 and a 2% success fee. The retainer is deducted from the success fee.

Buyer Services 

Our Services



Over 20 years of collective experience in the Real Estate industry.​


Industry Navigators 

In-depth knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry.​


Growth & Innovation 

Provides comprehensive documents, including customized pitch decks, financial projections, investor letters, and business assessments.​


Marketing Materials

Customized portfolio packages tailored to the specific needs of REITs, Lenders, and Financiers.



Providing clients with valuable insights into their investment opportunities.​



Maintained a stellar reputation in the industry for insightful and efficient guidance

  • What is the seperate agreement mentioned in the Listings price?
    The listing agreement outlines your desired selling price for the business and the commission Acoma Capital Parthers, Inc, earns upon a successful sale.
  • Why do you recommend email marketing instead of Facebook Ads for cannabis marketing?
    Our research into advertising on Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram for cannabis companies, particularly those involving THC, revealed significant challenges. These companies are encountering difficulties navigating these platforms and facing frequent account suspensions. Given the potential risk of having your Facebook account disabled, the potential drawbacks outweigh the benefits.
  • What is a cannabis brand strategy?
    In the dynamic cannabis market, building trust is paramount. To achieve this, craft a marketing strategy that authentically showcases your brand's values, mission, and unique story. Highlight the integrity of your products, cultivation practices, and commitment to quality.
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