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Pueblo, Colorado Cultivation | Grow License For Sale

PRICED TO MOVE | $85,000.00 / Tranferable Tier 1 License

Transfer License to your own grow.

Seller of Pueblo Grow License for Sale for $85,000

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, growers face a choice between indoor and outdoor methods. Indoor cultivation offers controlled environments, year-round growth, and enhanced security. However, most Growers in Colorado are finding that growing indoor comes with higher costs which digs into their profit margins. On the other hand, outdoor cultivation is economically efficient, yields larger plants, and has a more profit margin built in. Than along with the fact that most cannabis sold in the market currently have high THC-A so no longer is sun-grown flower frounded upon.

If you have a loation in the Pueblo area, please consider this opportunity.

Call us at 720-724-4185 or book a short online meeting with us to discuss the opportunity.

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