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Cannabis Business Email Marketing

Our strategies mirror the precision and tracking capabilities of modern digital media buying.

Our Method to Success

Target Marketing

Creating an organic email list brings many benefits. Our campaigns allow your company to engage with subscribers who show genuine interest, boosting the connection they have with your brand. Organic subscribers also convert better which ultimately drives sales. By nurturing an organic customer base you will likely sustain long-term growth.


With the data we gather from our installed pixel, your internal customer list, and the high-intent audiences we can build for you, we can target consumers near your dispensary seeking specific products. Additionally, we can  create campaigns to target specific audiences by using unique behaviors related to cannabis consumption such as pain relief. This level of specificity enhances the effectiveness of your targeting strategies and campaigns, ensuring that your messages resonate with the right audience segments.


Customer Retetion in comparison, is a lot easier to market too and 5 tiems less expensive than trying to capsure a new customer. Typically  up to 46% of sales are generated through repeat customers with a sucessful retetion strategy.   


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